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Have questions relating to your sewerage system, we are here to assist. 

What if I'm unable to submit a service request due to a technical issue?

Call us at (520) 724-3400 (24/7) to report any sewer related issues and please notify them that there may be a technical issue with the public portal site.


What if I have sewer billing questions?

All sewer billing questions can be directed to the following site for FAQ's or call us at (520) 724-6609 during business hours (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri).


What if I have sewer connection questions?

If you are looking for sewer connection information you can refer to the following site for FAQ's, call us at (520) 724-6500 or email RWRDRecordsResearch@pima.gov.

If you would like to request a dye test to confirm a sewer connection to the public system, contact (520) 724-6609.


Would you like to submit suggestions or feedback about the sewer service request online portal?

We welcome feedback and suggestions to make the online submittal process as easy and effective as possible.  Please submit feedback to following site.


What if I have a service request that isn't sewer related?

If you have a Pima County request that isn't sewer related, please refer to the main Pima County website.